TAARA Club Meeting Update

February 19, 2021

Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to give everyone that was unable to make the February meeting of TAARA a brief rundown on what was discussed:

1. By-Law amendments- during the first reading of the proposed by-laws, a discussion arose concerning the dues structure and the initiation fee that has been on the books for a long time. The consensus after discussion was to remove that fee, because it has not been collected for some time. So, the readings were suspended at that time, and an updated proposed change is being prepared for reading at next month’s meeting.

2. VE Team- Discussion was opened again on the creation of an in-house VE team to give exams to members or prospective hams that are being mentored by a member. We have at least 2 VE’s at this time, and Mick, N3OJP has submitted his paperwork to the ARRL to be accredited. Matt, N3NWV is going to be submitting paperwork as well, shortly, Tim, K2EA is going to get his credentials renewed, and a few other members have expressed an interest in getting theirs as well. I believe we’re going to have a VE team shortly!

3. There was also discussion about memorials for members that pass away. Several ideas were discussed, including sponsoring a prospective ham through class and testing in a member’s name, and possibly donating amateur radio books to the local library. More ideas are requested to be discussed and enacted next month.

After the meeting, a large group remained in the Zoom session to chat, and a discussion began about public relations/ education and recruiting new hams/ members. One idea that took hold was a possible combination of a Field Day type activity and Parks On the Air. While a full fledged Field Day may still be a little ways away, a good compromise might be a tied to Parks on the Air; we could have operating positions, some PR people to explain what ham radio is and how someone could get licensed, and spend enough time to enjoy operating and have a hot dog/ hamburger type cookout for those that come out and support the event and enjoy some club fraternity.

Also- a little hint for an upcoming meeting- we’re going to have a special program at the April meeting! Now, I’m not going to divulge it just yet, but I’ll tell you that the topic is one of the most popular in field operations today! More to come!!

And for those who may not be aware, our numbers are growing! We’re now up to 42 members, and we’re looking to add more. If you hear a new call on the repeater, I encourage you to answer that call and make that person feel welcome. That’s a potential new member you’re talking to!

I thank everyone for their support, ideas, opinions and discussion; this is everyone’s club, and with your help, we’re going to get bigger and better!!



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I was testing the DMR capability of my bearcat scanner last night and captured the PA DMR net.

I thought I would share it here for those who haven't heard a DMR net before, or may have missed the net last night.

If you have an interest in DMR, and aren't sure how to get started, there are a number of folks around that would be happy to help you.

The audio file of the net is here

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Hello, everyone!

For those who were unable to make the January 2021 meeting, I wanted to give you a short update, so that you’ll know what’s going on with your club:

Our meeting opened with a moment of silence for our recently deceased members. After that, minutes of the November meeting were approved, our treasurer’s report was read and approved, and Frank, N3TN, gave his ARES/ RACES report.

K3UKE, Sean, gave his Chief Engineer’s report which included updates/ improvements to 135 and 85 and items that still need addressed.

I gave a report on our E-board meeting that we had earlier in the month, which included discussions on by-laws, repeaters, increasing membership, public relations/ education and some other topics which will be brought to the membership.

As for by-laws, there are several that need to be updated; the drafts are complete and we will start the process of ratifying them at next month’s meeting.

There was discussion of a new amplifier for the 85 machine; we want to balance transmit and receive performance but not overpower the repeater. A motion was made and passed to purchase a new Henry amplifier to increase the output to approximately 100 watts.

We also discussed some avenues to increase interest, not only within the club but to bring potential amateurs into our hobby. We will be looking at doing something related to Parks on the Air to try and generate public interest. We are also looking at doing a virtual open house/ get-together via Zoom; we will do the first one within the club, and if we get a good turnout, we will open it up to other clubs as well. More to come on that!

Also, Frank, N3TN noted that there has been a resurgence in CW interest and asked if anyone would be interested in a CW refresher; many of the group in attendance expressed interest in that, and Frank will be putting together a Zoom class that will be held soon

Next month’s meeting is very important, with by-law amendments and other topics, so please make every effort to attend, and please, if you did not get an email invitation to this month’s meeting get in touch with Frank, N3TN and update your email address with him.


Dom, N3EJL

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