After almost 40 years of service, the original 147.135 repeater hardware has been retired.

The original repeater, a Spectrum Communications SCR-1000, first took to the air on December 21, 1980, at 11:35 AM. The following members were in attendance for this occasion-

George, W3PFD Leo, KB3L Bob, N3AZZ

Stan, KA3FYE Dave, KA3CNP Dave, K3NPX

Glen, KA3DJO

The repeater log indicates that in addition to being used for RTTY, it served as a spare for the 146.85 repeater.

It logged many trips across the road over the years when the 146.85 hardware needed repair or upgrading.

In addition to those previously mentioned, the following contributed their time and talents to prepare the site, set the antenna, and install the hardline-

Don, WB3HWB Bob, N3ACE Tim, WA3ZJE (now WJ3E)

Jim, KB3LU Jim, KA3EBF Vic, W3VYH


Today, September 24, 2020, at approximately 11:30 AM, the new 147.135 hardware went live. A Kenwood commercial repeater was installed and mated to an Arcom RC-210 controller. Receiver performance appears to be much improved based on initial tests.

The following members of the engineering staff were in attendance-

Sean, K3UKE Dan, KB3VSP Dom, N3EJL

Mike, AA3WV

Please try out the new hardware and let us know how it is working for you.

Here's to the next 40 years.

73, K3UKE

I got to speak with KA3TYO's son the other day. 

his father Larry, a Mt. Lebanon resident and member of the Steel City club passed away in 2016. He expressed an interest in selling his father's equipment. I told him I'd help him get it sold if I could. Not ebay prices more hamfest prices. The guy deserves a fair price for his father's gear. 

All equipment is believed to be working at the time of Larry's passing-

Yaesu FT1000 HF radio - $700

Heathkit SB220 Linear (80-10) $800

Astron 50-M  (non rack mount) $125 

MFJ 962C Tuner $150

MFJ 945C Tuner $100

Radio Shack HTX-212 144 mobile $100

The equipment is located in South Hills. perspective buyers are welcome to make arrangements to see the equipment.

It is all still connected but antennas are long gone.

Only basic function tests can be done. 

There are some other small items that the seller has not cataloged. If I get any further info I will pass it along. 

I can put any perspective buyers in touch with the seller.

Contact K3UKE for more information

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